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Sending Mail

When addressing any mail, please provide the resident’s name and/or room number.

100 Sunset Drive
Fredericton, NB
E3A 1A3

Resident Handbook

Resident Weekly Menu
June 24 – July 21, 2024

Resident Council

Resident Council is a group of residents who advocate for the YCC residents on various items related to living within YCC.  They also provide financial support for initiatives internal to YCC but also the greater community.  They are able to do so through fundraising efforts via ticket raffles. They meet on the first Thursday of each month. Resident Council has the following members:

  • Pastor Norm MacDonald – Chair
  • Allyson Hickey – Secretary
  • Jennifer Beals – Staff Liaison
  • Ellen Saunders-Aube (President)
  • Natalie Henderson (Vice President)
  • Tracey Mitchell
  • Linda Bird
  • Suzette Facini
  • Karen Steeves
  • Ingrid Ginson
  • Jean Colwell
  • Laurie Crocket

For more information on resident council please reach out to sseymour@yorkcarecentre.ca