Medical Services

Physician Services

There are five physicians who regularly serve the residents of York Care Centre. Upon admission, one of the five will be assigned to a resident. Families may arrange to meet with the physician. Please inform the nurse in charge to arrange a meeting.

Care Services

The Care Services Department is under the Vice President, Care & Resident Services, who is accountable for the overall quality of care at YCC. They provide professional nursing leadership and are responsible for staffing, performance management, care resources and external nursing relations.

The Clinical Care Coordinator arranges for all admissions and maintains a waiting list as necessary. The Clinical Care Coordinator also addresses staff health issues and is responsible for infection control and Clinical Education.

The nursing care is provided by a team, which consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Resident Attendants. Each unit is supervised by a Unit Coordinator who coordinates a comprehensive assessment of the resident’s needs, abilities and wishes. The assessment brings together the input of the other caregivers, such as Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Pastoral Care, Dietician, & Recreation Coordinators. The Unit Coordinator then devises a plan of care and evaluates the resident’s progress.

Pharmacy Services

Under the Nursing Home act, all medications must be obtained from the pharmacy contracted by the nursing home to provide this service. Medications are ordered for residents by the attending physician and administered by the Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurses. No medication can be brought in and given to the resident by anyone other than the above-mentioned staff.

Medications are reviewed by the physician, nurse and pharmacist every three months or as required. The current system for delivery of medications at York Care Centre is the unit-dose system through Manrex.

The Nursing Home will supply basic stock drugs to be used on an occasional basis. This includes Acetaminophen, Maalox, Gravol, Milk of Magnesia, Abenol Suppositories and Bactobin.